The Bench Up The Hill

Gaynor Atherton died from a goblet cell carcinoid in November 2015. You can learn something about this rare cancer elsewhere in this website but this page is about her family’s memorial to her on the top of a hill close to which we used to camp when mum & dad (Tom & Vera) took us there on holiday twice a year. We walked up several time a year together during our childhood and in later lives. Our children also know this hill well.

Gaynor brought us all back to the area and we walked up the hill for one last time the spring before she passed away. She requested that her ashes were scattered up there and we were able to carry out her wishes in May 2016.

This hill brings us so many happy memories and of course still offers us peace and beauty. In her memory (and for somewhere to sit as it is a long walk up to the top) we have placed a memorial bench next to the triangulation point at the very top – the place where we always used to stop for a breather when Dad took us up there with Mum. Many friends and relatives also took the trip with us over the years: Alf & Joan, Rose & Eric, Erwyn & Lena, aunts, uncles & cousins included Amy, Bill, Dorothy, Len, Ron, Chris, Sandy, Sue, Mark, Ian, Debbie and many more.

If you come across it feel free to have a seat and admire the view and leave us a note to tell us how the view (& bench) is looking Рmaybe even leave a picture of it in use using Instagram (thebenchupthehill)